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The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® is the local Realtor® association for over 13,000 professionals. We promise our members to “Take You Further” by providing a variety of tools and resources to help you achieve success.

Become a Realtor® Member

You Need:

1) An active Virginia real estate license associated with an NVAR member Broker.

2) A completed NVAR Member Application.
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To view prorated dues costs:

For a schedule of upcoming orientation classes:

NEW REALTORS®: Remember to take your Mandatory Orientation Class within the first 60 days.

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Become a Service Provider Member

You Need:

A completed Service Provider Member Application.
You may email it to or fax to (703) 207-3275.

To get your SentriKey, please visit us in person at either of our two centers (Fairfax/Herndon.)

SentriLock access is available for Property Services Applicants offering services such as home inspection, appraisal, moving, junk removal, staging or pest control.

For More Information on Service Provider Memberships:

Why Join?

NVAR is one of the premier Realtor® Associations in the country.  When you join your local association, you join a prestigious brand that tells your clients you are more than just an average real estate agent.  Realtors® abide by a code of ethics that sets them apart from a non-Realtor® salesperson, and are offered tools through their association to better help them succeed in real estate.  

Did you know that the average real estate transaction takes upwards of 230 steps?  NVAR has gathered all of the tools and resources that can be used to complete these steps and narrowed them down into 8 categories we now call Shop Realtor®.  In this one-stop-shop, we have re-framed NVAR products and services to create ease of access in a way that better aligns with the way you do business.  

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Aligned with the Way You Do Business

Client-Driven Solutions

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Business-Driven Solutions

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