Position yourself as the go-to expert on your neighborhood with NVAR resources, such as Market Statistics and buying and selling guides.


Preparing for a Client Meeting

For Realtors®, each day presents an opportunity to cultivate client relationships. For new Realtors®, what’s that first step? Experienced Realtors® have likely developed successful strategies yet may not be familiar with the latest tools and industry practices that could propel them to greater levels of production. The Shop Realtor® concept offers pre-appointment solutions for every stage of a Realtor’s® career.

Before that first appointment, Shop Realtor® provides tools to help members prepare for a client meeting. Whether it’s a national property database, multiple listing service, marketplace statistics, a network of finance professionals, or presentation resources, Realtors® have access to facts, figures and connections that will make them the trusted local expert.
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National Property Database

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Market Statistics


Sales & Marketing Resources

Contract signing

Mortgage Loan Resources


Preparation Checklists

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Presentation Videos and Books

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Presentation Packet Models

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