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January 15, 2019 Update

As members of your leadership team, we want to assure you that the Board of Directors and we recognize the frustration that many of you are experiencing related to the Bright MLS transition. We understand that there have been significant technical issues that are impacting your ability to conduct business efficiently. We understand that you need to be 100% confident in the integrity of the data. And we realize that Bright customer service support needs to be more responsive.

We hear you. We’re advocating with the Bright MLS management team on your behalf. And we’re committed to transparency through enhanced communications – beginning with this letter addressing some of the questions and concerns that we’re hearing.

What are the top priority challenges Bright has been/is working on right now?

Bright CEO Tom Phillips provided this status report on some of the top issues identified by members.

1. Days on Market (DOM) methodology . IN PROGRESS. Bright is making an important change to the days on market computation for historic listings. All of the old MRIS listings will soon have the Contract/No Kick Out status mapped to the Pending status in the new system, so those days won’t count in the Days on Market calculation.

2. Subdivision searching. RESOLVED. The ability to search by ‘legal subdivision’ has been restored. And the “wildcard”, or asterisk, search is still available.

3. Required Fields. RESOLVED. The mandatory flood zone field is now optional. Other fields continue to be reviewed.

4. Transaction Brokerage/Sub Agency. RESOLVED. These fields, which caused great confusion in our market, have been removed in Virginia.

5. Rentals. IN PROGRESS. Bright is aware that rental listing options do not track with rental listing agreements. They are working towards Q2 improvements for rental listing options.

6. Different Reports. PARTIALLY RESOLVED. Bright is bringing back the gallery report.

7. Public Records sources. IN PROGRESS. Bright is working to ensure that the data transmitted from public records is accurately reflected in the reports.

8. Customer Service. IN PROGRESS. Bright has increased its customer service staff by 25%. Those new hires are undergoing training now and will be available to assist members as soon as that training is complete. This will bring the customer service staff total to 50. An additional round of hiring is also in the works.

9. System Performance. ONGOING. The system performance issues experienced the first week of January have been resolved. The cause was a Matrix system server that was not configured to support the level of search demand during peak times.

Going Forward: Our NVAR Pledge

To Listen – we are reading every member email and responding to your phone calls; if you have not received a response, please contact We hear you, understand your frustration, and are committed to making sure the system performs as it should.

To Advocate – we are continuing to work diligently on your behalf with Bright MLS management, together with our neighboring associations, to bring about changes based on your feedback. Please watch the video above to learn more about these efforts.

To Communicate – we will step up our regular progress updates through email,, our NVAR social platforms and during office visits.

Please continue to provide regular input related to technical, structural and performance issues. This information will help expedite our communications to Bright and potential solutions moving forward. And if there are things that you like about the new system, please share those comments too, as that information can guide ongoing development decisions.

We know that your confidence in the integrity of the data and the system itself is critical to a successful transition.

Your opinions matter. Your feedback can make a difference. Please know that we value your membership and commitment to the profession.


Christine Richardson
2019 NVAR President

Ryan T. Conrad, RCE, CAE, CIPS

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