Continuing Education (CE)

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Agents who have renewed their license at least once, must complete the following requirements every two years:

Mandatory Topics: 8 Hours

Fair Housing
Legal Updates & Emerging Trends
1 Hour
3 Hours
2 Hours
1 Hour
1 Hour

Center for Realtor Development
NAR Center for Realtor® Development: 

Note: Courses are only approved for CE credit in VA and not approved for Post-Licensing (PL) credit in VA.



16 Hr. Series  $186 (Members) / $216 (Non-members)
 Full Day Fee (8 Hrs.)  $100 (Members) / $120 (Non-members)
 Half Day Fee (4 Hrs.)  $68 (Members) / $78 (Non-members)
 2-3 Hr. Courses  $32 (Members) / $78 (Non-members)
 1 Hr. Course $27 (Members and Non-members) 

Mandatory CE

16 Hr. CE Course: Day 1

CE: 4 Hrs. Mandated CE
4 hours Elective CE

This course will cover mandated and elective subject matter for Virginia license renewal. Topics covered in day one of this CE series are Fair Housing, Legal Updates, Contracts and Advanced Residential Finance. 

Four-Evening 16 Hr. CE Series

16 Hrs. CE | 16 Hrs. DC CE
Busy during the day? Attend our evening CE series to fit your schedule. We will review agency, contracts, ethics, fair housing, legal updates, advanced residential finance and Virginia contracts.

16 Hr. CE Course: Day 2

CE: 4 Hrs. Mandated CE
4 hours Elective CE

Day two of this CE course will cover mandated and elective subject matter for Virginia license renewal. Topics covered are Agency, Ethics and General Education.

8 Hr. Mandatory CE Course

8 Hrs. CE | 8 Hrs. DC CE
Earn all your mandatory CE credits in this day-long course. Participants will get the latest information on agency, contracts, ethics, fair housing and legal updates.

CE: 8-hour Mandated Course [NVAR Herndon]

Dec 13, 2022 | Herndon, VA

Elective and Specialty CE

Agency and Disclosure

4 Hrs. Elective CE
Relationships can be complicated - especially those between a client and a real estate licensee. This course will cover when and how agency relationships are created and an overview of an agent's responsibility to customers and clients.

Architecture Styles, Building Nomenclature and Materials

3 Hrs. Elective CE
Look beyond the surface. Explore the design and make-up of residential architecture, so you can guide your clients expertly.
Specialty Tuition: $32 (Member) / $37 (Non-member)

Buyer Beware: Foreclosed and Neglected Properties*

4Hrs. Elective CE
Distressed properties can have both pros and cons for you and your client. Understand the opportunities and risks associated with vacant, neglected and foreclosed properties.

Environmental Issues*

4 Hrs. Elective CE
Learn about common environmental issues found in a property, such as mold, radon and asbestos, so you can ensure a safe home for your client.

Green Building*

4 Hrs. Elective CE
Ever wondered HOW a green building actually works? Here’s your chance to learn the ins and outs of green building design, construction and environmental impact.

Construction Essentials

4 Hrs. Elective CE
This course will provide a basic overview of residential construction, home inspections, performnce standards required by builders, and building codes.

Detection and Prevention of Contract Fraud*

4 Hrs. Elective CE | 4 Hrs. Broker Management CE
Take an in-depth look at how contracts are formed and how to identify potential problems. You will learn the key provisions of the NVAR Residential Sales Contract and potential damages and liability issues.

Effective Team Management

2Hrs. CE
Are you working on a team? Lean which structures wrk best and how to avoid any statutory or Real Estate Board violations.
Specialty Tuition: $32 (Member) / $37 (Non-member)

How to Start a Real Estate Brokerage Firm*

4Hrs. Elective CE
Do you dream of running your own real estate firm? This class will answer the questions such as, "Will this be the right move for me?" and, "How do I start?"

Negotiation Skills*

4Hrs. Elective CE
This course will cover negotiating strategies and contractual obligations so you can effectively act in your client’s best interest.

New Rules of Real Estate Finance*

4 Hrs. Elective CE
It’s important for real estate professionals to understand mortgage financing, especially following the housing market crash in 2008. This crash course will teach you about various loan programs and financing techniques.

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CE Courses*

BROKER CE Courses*

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*DC CE Courses,  MD CE Courses, Designation/Certification Courses, Specialty CE, Commercial CE Courses and Events are excluded from this offer.

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