VA Continuing Education (CE)


Virginia CE at the Realtor® School

Complete your Virginia Continuing Education requirements with the Realtor® School, your complimentary, local and most convenient source for top quality education that goes above and beyond to help you not only earn your mandated credits, but to succeed in your business. 

New in 2023: The NVAR Realtor® School is providing complimentary Post-Licensing, Continuing Education and Broker Continuing Education to all NVAR members.

Plus! NVAR is providing all members the opportunity to take a complimentary 6-Hour Ninja Selling “Building a Smart Business” course. This program provides a launchpad for you to learn new and proven methods that elevate business. 




VA License Renewal Explained

Within Your First Year

  • Complete 30-hours Post-Licensing (PL) Education. This must be completed within one year of getting your license.
  • After completing this education, you can then renew your license with DPOR/VREB.

After 3 Years

  • Complete 16-hours of Virginia Continuing Education (CE) every two years. 
  • After completing your 16-hours of Virginia CE, you can then renew your license with DPOR/VREB.

Not Sure What Credits You Need? Your Virginia Real Estate License hangs with your brokerage and the Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR). If you have questions on your license status or credits needed, you can look yourself up at:


Your All-Inclusive Options for Completing Required Virginia CE!

Completing one (1) of the following two (2) options will fulfill all Virginia CE Salesperson Requirements.

Option 1

CE: 16-hour Course (Day 1) - 8 Hours

  • 4 hours (mandated topics*)
  • 4 hours (elective topics)

CE: 16-hour Course (Day 2) - 8 hours

  • 4 hours (mandated topics)
  • 4 hours (elective topics)
Each day also counts for 8 hours of D.C. Elective credit.

Option 2

VA Mandated CE – 8 hours

*Counts for 8 hours of D.C. Elective credit and covers all mandated topics.

Various Elective Courses – 8 hours

Select 8 hours worth of Elective CE Courses.

*Mandated topics include: Ethics & Standards of Conduct (3 hours), Fair Housing (2 hours), Legal Updates w/ Flood Content (1 hour), Real Estate Agency (1 hour) and Real Estate Contracts (1 hour). 

Brokers: Complete either Option 1 or Option 2 in addition to the 8 hours of Broker Management and Supervision.


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