Realtor® 007


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Free for Members! 

This course is designed to introduce the value of having an online professional presence, and presenting the tools available through your association membership to help you position yourself to be seen as a professional in the field.  Once you leave this class you will have the knowledge to build your online presence as a real estate professional and will no longer be a secret agent!

There will be hands-on exercises and opportunities so please bring your laptop.  Pre-registration is required. Walk-ins are not allowed.

• Acquire tips and strategies to start building your Realtor® identity and market yourself.

• Leave with an immediate professional online presence by filling out your® profile.

• Learn the basics of using your website and social media to reach new audiences of potential clients.

• Understand the services and benefits available to you to through your Local, State,
and National Associations that can aid you in building your presence.