Broker Pre-Licensing

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Want to become a broker? NVAR can help. To become a broker in the state of Virginia, you must:
  • Be a licensed agent for 36 out of 48 months consecutively
  • Complete 180 classroom hours of real estate broker pre-licensing courses approved by the VREB (Broker Appraisal, Broker Finance, Broker Law, Broker Management)
  • Pass the PSI Virginia Exam for Brokers

Broker Tuition

$310 per course (Member / Non-member)
*Broker Pre-Licensing is being held onsite.

Textbook included.

Broker Pre-Licensing Courses

Broker Management

Get the tools you need to establish and manage a successful real estate brokerage firm. Learn how to become a leader and manage by improving communication skills; planning organizing your office; understanding ethics, finances, marketing and advertising; hiring and directing your staff; tips for monitoring your operations; risk management and more. 45 hour course.

Broker Management Course (45-hours) [NVAR Fairfax]

Aug 28, 2024 | Fairfax, Virginia

Broker Law

This course will teach you legal guidelines for all stages of the transaction. We will cover: nature of real estate law; legal interests in real estate; purchase agreements; closing the transaction, financing the transaction and government regulation; environmental laws; liens; mortgages, deeds of trust and more. Textbook included. 45 hour course.

Broker Finance

Learn about various loans; investments; the technological environment; the nature and cycles of finance; monetary systems; secondary mortgage market; FHA, VA and conventional loans; processing and closing loans; and how to use a financial calculator. 45 hour course.

Broker Appraisal

Step in the shoes of an appraiser and learn the principals and practices of real estate valuation. This course will cover the principles and practices of real estate appraisal, including: general data analysis, residential real estate markets, neighborhood analysis, site description and analysis, highest and best use, specific data analysis, improvement analysis, principles of value, gross rent multiplier, special appraisal techniques, three approaches to value and more. 45 hour course.


The first step in starting your career in real estate in Virginia is obtaining a license. To the right are some quick facts about the requirements to obtain and renew a Virginia State Real Estate License.

Reciprocity Issues 
Reciprocity is a mutual exchange of real estate privileges, including the validity of licenses, recognized by one or more states. Search state boards and locate information on how to obtain single or dual licenses on the east coast.