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Lockbox, Rules & Bylaws

Realtor® Rules & Bylaws
NVAR administers proceedings for violations of the Code of Ethics, Lockbox Rules and the NVAR Bylaws as well as monetary disputes between brokers.

Lockbox Rules

NVAR and surrounding associations have created rules and regulations for the use of our electronic lockbox system. These rules provide guidelines for anyone who wishes to receive access to the system. 

Revised Regional Rules and Regulations for the SentriLock Lockbox System took effect March 1, 2020. View the rules at NVAR.com/Rules.

NVAR Bylaws

NVAR Bylaws are the rules that govern the operation and management of your association. It covers the fundamental governance issues regarding the objectives of our association, qualifications for membership, election procedures for our Board of Directors, and other important topics.

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Why Do We Have a Code of Ethics?

The REALTORS® Code of Ethics is more than a conceptual guide to right and wrong. It’s a powerful business tool that leads to more sales, more referrals and more profitable, long-standing relationships with both clients and other Realtors®. 

But the Code is more than a list of Thou Shalts and Thou Shalt Nots. It’s a practical guide that can help you sell more real estate. When it comes to building your business, you cannot grow without the trust of your clients, your prospects and your peers.

Like every other business, real estate has become more competitive over the past 20 years. Our customers are smarter; they have more choices and access to more information than ever before. If you want your business to grow, you depend on repeat business, referrals and the cooperation of fellow Realtors®. These aspects of your business hinge directly on your reputation, on the way people think about you. Be ethical: Learn the Code. Live the Code.

You can download copies of our Code of Ethics in English, Chinese (simplified)Chinese (traditional), Danish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Tagalog or Vietnamese



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Pathways to Professionalism

While the Code of Ethics establishes objective, enforceable ethical standards governing the professional conduct of Realtors®, Pathways to Professionalism is a list of professional courtesies for use by Realtors® on a voluntary basis.

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