NVAR Membership Dues FAQ

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about your Membership Dues 

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Dues FAQs

Are membership dues refundable?

Can I change my password?

Can I get a bill mailed to me?

Can I make multiple payments?

Can I pay for my spouse, too?

Can I pay my dues on a payment plan?

Can I save my credit card on file?

Do I have to contribute to NV/RPAC?

Do I have to pay VAR and NAR?

Does this payment include my SentriLock payment?

How do I find my NRDS #?

How do I renew online?

I didn't know my dues were due. I didn't receive the email. Can you waive the late fee?

I don't read my emails. Can I get a bill mailed to me?

I just joined, do I need to renew already?

If I elect to invest in NV/RPAC, when do I receive recognition?

If I pay my dues and then later put my license into an inactive status can I get a refund?

What do my dues go toward?

What happens if I do not pay in a timely manner?

What if my membership has lapsed for longer than 12 months?

Where do I find my password?