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Joining Another Association as a Secondary Member
The Letter of Good Standing is a helpful tool when applying to another association as a Secondary Member.

Transferring IN
If you are transferring to NVAR, you will want to provide us with a Letter of Good Standing from your previous association when submitting your online application, or via email to

Transferring OUT
If you are transferring from NVAR to a new association, you will want to fill out the below request so we can send that to you and your new association.


A Letter of Good Standing, also known as a Dues Waiver Letter, refers to a notice issued by the REALTOR® association with which a real estate licensee has a current or former relationship. It verifies that the active REALTOR® has complied with all of the associations’ rules and bylaws for conducting business within that association. A Letter of Good Standing will contain information confirming that a licensee is up-to-date on National, State, and/or Local association dues; includes the licensee’s state license and the firm the license is affiliated with; confirms the licensee has satisfied NAR’s mandatory requirements; and states whether the licensee has current/pending disciplinary action or unsatisfied fines with the association.

In short, a Letter of Good Standing serves as proof of a licensee’s membership compliance status.

Let the Good Times Roll and Stay Compliant

To request a Letter of Good Standing, fill out the form below. Please allow 2-3 business days for NVAR to send your Letter of Good Standing. If you have any questions please contact

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**Please allow 2-3 business days for NVAR to send your        Letter of Good Standing**


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