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A Letter of Good Standing refers to a notice issued by the REALTOR® association with which a real estate licensee has a current or former relationship. It verifies that the active REALTOR® has complied with all of the associations’ rules and bylaws for conducting business within that association. A Letter of Good Standing will contain information confirming that a licensee is up-to-date on National, State, and/or Local association dues; includes the licensee’s state license and the firm the license is affiliated with; confirms the licensee has satisfied NAR’s mandatory requirements; and states whether the licensee has current/pending disciplinary action or unsatisfied fines with the association.

In short, a letter of good standing serves as proof of a licensee’s membership compliance status.

Let the Good Times Roll and Stay Compliant

Starting and running your own Real Estate business is exciting and challenging enough. Why would anyone want to add extra stress, paperwork, and costs to the equation? It’s much less stressful to understand and keep track of your compliance obligations and deadlines.

Awareness of what’s required is an essential first step toward staying in good standing.

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