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Take your business further with designations, certifications and awards to stand out from the crowd.


Realizing Your Potential

Shop Realtor® has solutions for realizing a member’s potential. Through conferences, trade shows, events, forums and summits, there are opportunities to engage with and learn from a community of professionals, industry experts and thought-leaders. NVAR is the Realtor’s® local connection to the 400+ staff-member resources of the three-part Realtor® association network.

With classes and programs focused on developing Realtor® skills and expertise, NVAR is a business partner to rely on. Professional designations and elective continuing education are included in the packed programming calendar that fuels industry I.Q. The Shop Realtor® menu of in-store and online publications shares the latest professional development strategies to keep Realtors® operating at peak performance in a highly competitive marketplace.

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Events, Forums & Summits

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Realtor® Safety Resources


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White House Ornaments

The sale of the Official 2019 White House Christmas Ornament is intended for individuals to add to their personal collections.