Personal Assistant


A personal assistant to a Realtor® is an unlicensed individual whom a Realtor® could hire to perform any activities undertaken in the regular course of business for which a license is not required. Personal Assistants can apply to register with NVAR and Sentrilock by filling out the attached form. A Personal Assistant SentriKey account would grant them access to their managing Realtor®’s lockboxes or the lockboxes of that Realtor® member's team.

Personal Assistant Agreement Form

Please send all applications to for processing.

Have questions about what a personal assistant can and cannot do? The PDF below should help to guide you.

Personal Assisants Do's and Don'ts PDF


Bright/MLS has a personal assistant category called Affiliate User. This is ONLY if the party is truly unlicensed. A licensed agent does not qualify to be an Affiliate user of BrightMLS (formerly known as MRIS), but they qualify to be a standard Subscriber user.

You can read the Bright MLS Subscription Agreement and/or the MRIS Rules & Regulations manual (Article III-Sec1.6.1) for clarification purposes on

In the Key Defined terms, Non-licensed Personnel means administrative and clerical staff, personal assistants, and individuals providing administrative support to Subscribers.

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