Handle Realtor® Disputes


Creating Solutions

NVAR Professional Services enhances the level of industry professionalism through education and the Realtor® Code of Ethics and formal complaint process. Here are the ways you can handle a dispute with a member.

Ombudsman Program

The Ombudsman Program is intended to provide an alternative dispute resolution service for members of the public or other Realtors® with complaints against members of the Association. An ombudsman can respond to general questions regarding real estate practices, transaction details, ethical practices and enforcement issues.

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File an Ethics Complaint

Whenever possible we try to educate and advise Realtor® members before a potential problem spins out of control. Staff is available to answer general real estate questions, discuss ethical practices, or simply to lend another perspective to your situation. If a problem cannot be resolved informally, there is a complaint process for educating and disciplining members who are found in violation of rules.

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File an Ethics Complaint

Anonymous Complaints

Anonymous Complaints
In response to feedback from our valued members, NVAR now accepts anonymous complaints to be filed in limited instances. Complaints will still be filed through the online filing system where complainants can indicate their desire to file complaints anonymously. Click here to learn more about Anonymous Complaints in this helpful YouTube tutorial.


Article 12 Failure to disclose professional status in advertising or other real estate communications

SOP 12-4 Advertisement offering to sell/lease property without the authority of the owner or the listing broker*

SOP 12-5 Failure to disclose name of firm in advertisement for listed property or for real
estate services

SOP 12-6 Failing to disclose status as both owner/landlord and Realtor® or licensee when advertising property in which Realtor® has ownership interest

SOP 12-9 Failure to disclose firm name and state of licensure on Realtor® website

SOP 12-13 Representing that the Realtor® has a designation, certification, or other credential they are not entitled to use

File an Arbitration


Arbitration is a program for broker members which provides a forum for resolving business disputes in lieu of litigation.  NVAR also offers voluntary mediation services to parties looking to resolve their disputes amicably.  

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Once you log into your member portal, look for the “File An Arbitration” button.  Please note that only Designated REALTORS® for a firm can file a claim via our online portal. 


Citation System

Citation System
NVAR's Citation System is a way to avoid time-consuming ethics complaints and hearings. If the respondent agrees to the Citation System, he/she would pay the standard, preset fine associated with that Article. If the Respondent does not respond within ten (10) days, the case is automatically forwarded to the Professional Standards Committee for a full hearing.
For Respondents, electing the Citation System avoids an uncomfortable and often time-consuming hearing process while still respecting their due process rights since they may elect NOT to use the Citation System and proceed with a full hearing. The Citation System is as confidential as the hearing process.
For Complainants, there may be less time involved, yet justice will still be served, thereby protecting the industry from unethical behavior. However, if the Respondent elects to have a hearing, the Complainant would need to be prepared to attend.

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