Write A Blog



Are you interested in sharing your expertise and knowledge with NVAR’s 10,000+ members and 1.2 million Northern Virginia residents? We are looking for members and affiliated service providers to contribute articles that help our mission: promoting the professionalism of members through education, tools and resources to help elevate their business!
If you would like your content to be considered, please email webmaster@nvar.com with the subject “Member Blog Content” with your proposal.
Why should I write a blog article for NVAR?
Writing for NVAR can help you build your (or your company’s) reputation. You will get exposure and credibility as a subject matter expert within the NVAR family, the region, and even nationally. Whether you are a Realtor® member providing tips or a business providing crucial market insight, submitting your content can help further your career and business.
Things to include with your blog:
  • A short 2-3 sentence bio about yourself and your company if applicable, with your email, website and social links you’d like to include.
  • Your high-resolution digital headshot.
  • Supporting images (PNG or JPG) and video (embed codes only).
What makes a good post?
NVAR reserves the right to approve all submissions. Here are some tips to help yours get approved: 
  • Read the content on our website and understand what we post
  • Read our weekly member email newsletters.
  • Disclose any possible relationships or partnerships, cite sources, and make sure facts and quotes are accurate.
  • Make sure the point of your post is clear in the intro.
  • Your article should address the needs of your intended audience, whether they be realtors®, service providers, or the general public.
  • Provide examples and details, where appropriate.
  • Avoid or explain “insider” buzzwords.
  • Be careful about including links. Too many links give the appearance of spam.
  • Avoid self-promotion in the content. Do that in your author bio.