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NVAR Releases Translated Summaries of Four Forms in Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese (PRC) and Chinese (Taiwan)

Jun 26, 2024

NVAR has translated summaries of four of our forms into the five languages most spoken in our area: Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese, Chinese (PRC), and Chinese (Taiwan).  

These summaries are to be used along with the forms, helping Realtors® explain the key terms to their clients. 

The summaries are not word-for-word translations and are not to be used as substitutions for the actual forms. Each summary is applicable only to the specific NVAR form that it is summarizing. 

The summarized NVAR forms are listed below. 

Residential Sales Contract (Form K1321) 

Exclusive Right to Sell Listing Agreement (Form K1336) 

Exclusive Right to Represent Buyer (Form K1338) 

VRLTA Lease (Form K1354)