The NVAR Way

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NVAR strives to Meet Members Where They R, supporting Realtors® regardless of where they are in their transaction process, careers, location and other needs. This philosophy guides how we operate, placing an emphasis on world-class customer service, events, benefits and more.  

Our Strategic Vision

NVAR promises members that the association will “Take You Further”, providing a variety of services and benefits that elevate Realtor® success by delivering exceptional value, driving innovation and impacting the industry.

NVAR Global

NVAR Global celebrates our diverse marketplace and addresses member interests and global needs. NVAR has achieved NAR Diamond Global Council Recognition, and we seek to replicate this success in every area of our association. 

Shop Realtor® 

Shop Realtor® revolutionizes the way associations can meet member needs. Through this framework, NVAR organizes all the benefits, resources and products offered by NVAR, VAR and NAR by the way Realtors® do business. Shop Realtor® is a one stop shop, covering both client driven tools and business driven tools.

Realtor® Sphere 

Realtor® Sphere provides a platform for members to create content and share their knowledge. This member-led expertise transforms how we deliver educational content to our membership, providing an opportunity for members to digitally learn from each other, outside of the traditional classroom environment. 

Customer Service

NVAR provides Realtors® with World Class Customer Service. As an association, we offer our members a high level of expertise and care, established through a comprehensive onboarding program. Our members have access to resources that elevate Realtor® success.
NVAR's World Class Customer Service Handguide

Want to learn how NVAR Meets Members Where They R® (#MMWTR)?
Click the image below to view a PDF version of our customer service handguide, where we divulge our secrets to success in all areas of our association. This is a great resource for any association executives looking to enhance their member experience.

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