Meet Members Where They R

NVAR 2022 Annual Showcase Banner (18)

NVAR works hard to Meet Members Where They R. We support Realtors® regardless of where they are in their transaction process, careers, location or any other need.

Realtor® Hub lockers, located outside of NVAR Fairfax, allow members to pick up store items outside of normal business hours, or while they are on-the-go.

This philosophy guides how we operate, placing an emphasis on world-class customer service, events, benefits and more.  

Our members operate in a dynamic and fast-paced market. NVAR is a flexible and evolving organization, meeting their needs in real-time, keeping up with shifts in industry trends, marketplace changes and global events. 

NVAR serves our members, reflecting the way they do business, aligning our services, products, benefits and events to match their needs. This is the NVAR Way.

NVAR members and staff celebrate at "Toast to the Future", the final event of the 2021 NVAR Convention and Trade Show.