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Well Rounded Learning

NVAR is excited to announce Realtor® Sphere, a knowledge sharing program hosted by YOU. Realtor® Sphere is a way for any member to digitally teach their specialty to the rest of NVAR. Realtor® Sphere focuses on the quality and diversity of knowledge each member has and digitally sharing this knowledge to the whole membership to increase professionalism.

The goal of Realtor® Sphere is to take the knowledge that already exists among our membership and bring it to the forefront. We are looking for unique and engaging learning experiences that you will share with your peers, and with several content options to choose from, we hope that you reach as many people as possible.

There are many ways for members to take part in the Realtor® Sphere. Some of the kinds of content that you can make for the Sphere are: interviews, videos, TED Talks, web content, social media content. The sky's the limit when it comes to the kinds of content we are looking for. 

We can’t wait to learn from YOU! Sign up to enter the Realtor® Sphere.

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Offer Your Expertise!

Sphere Pre Appointment
Pre-appointment encompasses everything that happens before you have your client.
  • Research and Market Stats
  • Lead Generation
  • Mortgages
  • Preparation Checklists
  • And More! 
Sphere On the Market
On The Market knowledge has to do with when a home is on the market and actively being shown to potential buyers.
  • SentriLock lockboxes
  • Home Staging
  • Appraisals
  • Home Warranties
  • And More!
Sphere Business Management
Business Management is all the ways you organize yourself, your team, and your business.
  • Brokerage Management
  • Technology Tools for Real Estate
  • Tax, Accounting and Insurance
  • Shipping and Transaction Resources
  • Commercial or Global Real Estate
  • And More!
Sphere Personal Success
The Personal Success category is all about special events, conferences and trade shows, and being a leader within your Realtor® community.
  • Promote NVAR events
  • Talk about Leadership Opportunities
  • Discuss any Designations or Certifications
  • Assist with Member Recognition
  • And More!
Sphere Client Presentation
Client presentation encompasses resources regarding the pitch meetings for clients looking to buy a home.
  • Multiple Listing Service(s)
  • Home Improvement/Remodelling
  • Photography/Videography used in marketing
  • Environmental (Flood, Mold, Safety Issues, etc.)
  • And More!
Sphere Offer to Close
Do you know the closing process like the back of your hand? Offer to Closing covers that!
  • Standard Forms
  • Legal
  • Home Inspections
  • Title and Settlement
  • Moving tips
  • And More!
Sphere Business Marketing
Business Marketing is all about marketing oneself as a business
  • Realtor® brand
  • Marketing yourself and homes
  • Social Media
  • know-how
  • And More!
Sphere Realtor® Professionalism
Realtor® Professionalism relates to the code of ethics, general Realtor® advocacy, and the importance of advancing ones profession.
  • Realtor® Political Action Committee (RPAC)
  • Realtor® Advocacy
  • Government Affairs
  • Ethics
  • NAR, VAR, or NVAR
  • And More!

Click here to learn about Shop Realtor®. See which category your knowledge fits under. 

Shop Realtor is a program NVAR has designed to help Realtors® be the best at their job that they can be. It is broken down into the 8 core components of the Realtor® profession, from pre-appointment, to closing, to professional development and everything in between. 



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