Standard Forms & Revisions

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The NVAR Standard Forms Committee is responsible for the creation and update of the forms you use in your everyday business.  Our team is a combination of both attorneys and Realtors® who provide input and guidance on how the standardized forms are developed.

They also work closely with Government Affairs to monitor and understand public policy and legislation. When policies change the forms are updated to reflect the current policy or law.

One of the benefits of your NVAR membership is free access to NVAR’s preferred forms vendor, Instanet.

See below for explanations of recent forms changes:

  • January 01, 2015

    January 1, 2015 Form Changes

    The following forms have changed:

    K1321 – Residential Sales Contract
    K1345 – Virginia Jurisdictional Addendum
    K1116 – Release of Sales Contract and Deposit
    K1297 – Useful Information About Real Estate Transactions
    K1339 – VA Financing Contingency Addendum
    K1340 – FHA Financing Contingency Addendum
    K1359 – Conventional Financing Addendum
    K1210 – Walk-Through Inspection
    K1367 – Notice Voiding Contract

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