MD Continuing Education (MD CE)


Expanding Your Reach

All Maryland salesperson licensees must complete 15 hours of approved continuing education credit in the following subjects:

  • 3Hrs. MD Code of Ethics
  • 3Hrs. MD Short Sales
  • 3Hrs. MD Ins & Outs of Mortgages
  • 3Hrs. MREC Brokerage Relationships
  • 1.5Hrs. MD Real Estate Tax Update
  • 1.5Hrs. MD 1031 Exchanges
  • 3Hrs. MD Financing Issues
  • 3Hrs. MD Legislative Update
  • 1.5Hrs. MD Fair Housing


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$20 (After Early Bird Period)
Per Course

Required CE

1.5 Hrs. Maryland Fair Housing

MD CE: 1.5 hours (required)

This course will discuss federal, state, and local fair housing laws. We will also cover the different protected classes and how to work with diverse buyers and sellers.

3Hr. Maryland MREC Brokerage Relationships

MD CE: 3 hours (required)

This classes replaced MREC Agency – Residential on October 1, 2019. We’ll walk thru new legislation that went into effect on October 1. This new legislation amends several portions of the Real Estate Brokers Act, mainly it prohibits licensees from disclosing confidential information obtained from prospective clients and alters the definitions of brokerage relationship and dual agency under Maryland law. We will walk through the law step-by-step and provide clear guidance, not just on how to comply, but how to simplify your life by making compliance easier, so you're more likely to pass any "test" that may come your way.

3 Hr. Maryland Financing Issues

MD CE: 3 hours (required)

This course provides a general understanding of the changes, updates and current issues affecting the sale and financing real estate in today’s distressed market. This course will assist agents in identifying; key market indicators, steps for maneuvering through distressed transactions, fraudulent transactions, and financing solutions for abused properties.  Students will learn about current mortgage guidelines, including how short sales and foreclosures affect one’s credit and ability to purchase a home.

3Hrs. Maryland Legislative Update

MD CE: 3 hours (required)

Every year, enacted legislation by federal, state and local legislatures profoundly affects the transfer of real property. Realtors® must remain informed about these changes. This course is designed to break down the legislative process and detail recent enactments and court cases that impact the business of selling real estate.

3 Hr. Maryland Code of Ethics

MD CE: 3 hours (required)

You have read the Code of Ethics, but do you know how to apply it in everyday situations? This class will provide you with a deeper understanding of NAR's Code of Ethics, Maryland's ethics, laws and regulations, as well as practical guidance to apply ethics guidelines to everyday situations. Predatory lending and flipping will be discussed. This class meets the NAR membership requirement.

3Hr. Maryland Short Sales

MD CE: 3 hours (required)

This course focuses on your interaction with short sale sellers, and how you can guide clients through a while advocating on their behalf.  Learn how to figure out an appropriate listing price, negotiate with the lender's representative, sort through debt settlement terminology, and more. You will also learn how to complete a short sale transaction from a buyer’s perspective and learn ways to improve the process.

MD CE: MREC Required Supervision [NVAR Headquarters]

MD CE: 3.0 REQUIRED hours for MD Broker/Associate Broker licensees AND 3.0 ELECTIVE hours for MD Salesperson licensees

Supervision is one of the largest responsibilities that gets placed on a broker, manager or team leader’s plate. We will breakdown all the components that are needed to meet this managerial obligation including a discussion of teams, assistants, sales meetings, training sessions and the setting of policies and procedures will be covered. Learn the best ways to support your staff in a manner that could increase productivity and reduce possible liability.

Elective and Specialty CE

3 Hr. Ins & Outs of Mortgages

3 hours Elective CE
Join us for this three hour class where you will learn about: Debt Ratios, Credit Scores, Automated Underwriting, Appraisal Rules, Mortgage Approval Letter, Loan Limits and  MUCH MORE! Help your client make informed decisions on the biggest purchase of their lives.

1.5 Hrs. Maryland Real Estate Tax Update

1.5 hours Elective CE
This class will cover an understanding of the different tax rates, how real estate is a a strong tax shelter, the capital gains tax and deductions that are available to agents and homeowners, the affect that short sales and foreclosures have on your client, Starker and Reverse Starker exchanges.

1.5 Hrs. Maryland 1031 Exchanges

1.5 hours Elective CE
Agents who are interested in developing a working knowledge of 1031 exchanges and their importance in the current market should attend this class. Identify ways you can assist clients when they are selling or buying investment properties.

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