A Letter from CEO Ryan McLaughlin and President-Elect Thai Hung Nguyen


Thank you for being a valued member and for choosing NVAR as your Realtor® association.  We look forward to serving you as you renew your membership for 2024.

Our unwavering dedication to Meeting Members Where They ‘R’ guides us in everything that we do. We operate in alignment with our strategic drivers, providing exceptional value to Realtors®, driving innovation in the industry and making an impact on a local, national, and global level.

As the voice of real estate in Northern Virginia, our association evolves to meet Realtor® needs, continuously adapting as the market shifts. We are proud of the work our members have done this year, despite that inventory remains tight and sales activity is down compared to the unprecedented spikes during the pandemic.

We remain steadfast in our commitment to provide unwavering support, relevant resources, and innovative solutions to help you not only navigate, but thrive in the ever-changing landscape of our real estate market.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that our association fully invests in your personal and professional success. This dedication led us to the creation of NVAR+ - a strategic framework that represents the future of our association. The added element of the “+” symbolizes our commitment to you, as we enter this next year fully invested in the success of every Realtor® doing business in Northern Virginia and beyond.


All NVAR members now have access to all-inclusive complimentary Continuing Education, including Broker Continuing Education and Post-Licensing courses. Our Realtor® School courses are taught by live instructors who are local experts, dedicated to helping Northern Virginia Realtors® stand out by rising above client expectations and delivering world-class service.

All members also have access to a complimentary NINJA Selling “Building a Smart Business” course, offered at NVAR multiple times throughout the year. This class teaches Realtors® how to generate more income and deepen relationships with clients. We believe in the power of education, and its ability to set our members apart in the current market. Home buyers and sellers are relying on you and your industry expertise to help them make one of the most important financial decisions of their lives.

All NVAR members can claim FOREWARN as a complimentary member benefit. This Realtor® safety application is valued at $240 a year – nearly covering your local NVAR dues. More complimentary benefits include access to speak with our Staff Attorney’s via our Legal Hotline, the ability to reserve co-working or private office space through R-WORK, and access to Docs+, a state-of-the-art, cloud-based transaction management platform.

Your association staff prides itself in treating you with the utmost professionalism. Whether engaging with you over the phone, in-person or via email, our nationally certified “Great Place to Work staff strives to offer you World Class Customer Service and find solutions to support you regardless of where you are in the transaction process, your career, location, or other needs.

We also regularly collaborate with your Board of Directors, volunteer leaders and our 31 committees to host events, both on-site and off-site. Examples include the recent Navigating the Summer Market event, with insights from national and regional economists, and our Evolution Tech Showcase in Herndon, specifically designed for Realtors® who want to stay ahead of the curve and understand how Artificial Intelligence is impacting the real estate industry and their business. These are only a few of the many of the memorable events we have hosted in 2023 alone. Everything we do at NVAR is in collaboration with our volunteer leaders, representing the best interest of our members and in alignment with how Realtors® do business.

Whether you’re a new Realtor® or an experienced Realtor®, a broker, agent, or a Top Producer, we are proud to support you as a member of NVAR.


To reflect the way Realtors® do business, NVAR always remains flexible, meeting member needs in real-time and keeping up with shifts in industry trends, marketplace changes and global events. 

Our communication channels and award-winning website continue to evolve as we leverage analytics to bridge member needs with original content. Examples include these Top 5 Pro-Tips for the SentriGuard Lockbox, the Industry Insider Podcast, and thoughtfully researched blogs, such as From the Ground Up, a look at economic development, planning, zoning, and residential and commercial projects happening in Northern Virginia

We are excited to share our brand-new newsletter, the Realtor® Source, that provides an inside look into legal, governmental, and professional developments in the real estate industry.

This year, we have seen a heavy uptick in usage of the Digital Experience Center (DXC) at our Fairfax headquarters. Realtors® have been creating original content in this professional recording studio, including promotional videos for social media, market presentations for clients, podcasts for other industry professionals and much more.

NVAR+ is guiding our association to explore new territories for member engagement, as the industry and the marketplace continue to shift with changes in technology, media and content.


The Washington Business Journal recently ranked NVAR as the #2 Business Advocacy Group in the DC Region, demonstrating the remarkable influence the association has in our region, and the impact the real estate profession has in our communities. In 2022, Northern Virginia Realtors® helped clients buy or sell over 20,000 homes, with a total sales volume over $15 billion.

Our association has come together and represented the industry through NV/RPAC Advocacy efforts, paving the way for major legislative wins and safeguarding Realtors® from laws and regulations that would harm your business in a time when market activity is already challenging as is. The 2024 NVAR Legislative Agenda can be read in its entirety on our revamped Advocacy web portal. 

This April, we welcomed U.S. Senator and former Governor of Virginia, Mark Warner, to our Fairfax Headquarters for a Realtor® Town Hall – marking the first U.S. Senator visit in association history. Senator Warner discussed his priorities in Congress, housing supply, infrastructure, transportation and economic development, and he received the inaugural NVAR Realtor® Champion Award. 

We continue to strengthen with policymakers on the local, state and national level, advocating for issues directly impacting the real estate industry and expanding the American dream of homeownership.

Furthermore, NVAR recently released a mid-year update to our 2023 Economic Forecast, in partnership with the Center for Regional Analysis at the George Mason University. Our leadership team and Board of Directors are consistently quoted in local, regional and national media, staying in the forefront of news, positioning Realtors® as experts in government affairs, education, technology and housing market trends.

The competitive market NVAR members thrive in and the influential voice the association has locally, in Richmond and on Capitol Hill cannot be understated.

We need you!

As a professional trade association, we exist for you. Please take the following steps to continue your engagement and investment in your industry through NVAR:

1. Renew Your Membership 

2024 Dues renewal is now open. If you haven’t already, please visit NVAR.com/Dues to continue being a part of the Realtor® family here at NVAR, Virginia Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors®. NVAR is proud to state that we have not raised the local portion of your dues for over 20 years.

2. Get Involved and Apply for a 2024 Committee

The 31 volunteer leadership groups are the backbone of the association and profession. Apply today to represent the membership, collaborate with your peers, influence the industry and develop your leadership experience.

3. Vote for the Board of Directors

The Board of Directors represents the highest level of leadership at NVAR. Learn about the 2024 Board of Directors Election and cast your vote starting September 18. 


Finally, it’s with great excitement to share that registration is now open for REALTOR® Unite! Join us at the Northern Virginia Community College on Tuesday, October 10, 2023, for our annual Convention and Expo. Together, we will Celebrate ‘R’ World as we advocate for the industry, champion the profession and embrace the marketplace.

Our dedication to serving you remains strong as ever. Thank you again for being a valued member and for choosing NVAR as your REALTOR® association.


Ryan T. McLaughlin 
CEO, Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®

Thai Hung Nguyen
President-Elect, Northern Virginia Association of Realtors®