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We are delighted to hear you are interested in volunteering for a leadership opportunity at NVAR! Please complete the requested information and indicate your interest in the Committees, Advisory Groups and Forum Advisory Teams listed below. Please note that some have specific prerequisites. Applications are accepted between July 1 and Aug. 31, for positions beginning Jan. 1, 2025. After your application has been submitted, you will be notified about your appointment in November.

For Committee, Advisory Group and Forum Advisory Team descriptions, click here.

**Please note that applicants are not guaranteed the committee of your choice. Thank you!
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If you wish to apply for more than one position, please rank  your choices using the drop down menus provided below.

***Please note that committees with "***" have specific pre-requisites to join. More information about each group can be viewed online at nvar.com/leadership.

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Are you interested in serving as an NVAR Ambassador? The Ambassador Program is for members to serve as representatives of the association and promote upcoming NVAR events and benefits.

Check this box if you are interested in being considered for:

Which committee(s)/advisory group(s) are you interested in Chairing/Vice-Chairing/Serving in Leadership?  

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By submitting your application, you acknowledge that you have read, agree and commit to NVAR's Volunteer Policies. The Volunteer Policies are available for you to reference at nvar.com/volunteerpolicies.

*If your form is not submitting, please ensure your final paragraph is under 300 characters.

General Committee Information Below

Committee Meeting Frequency

Groups That Meet 2-4 Times Per Year

- African American Realtor® Forum
- Asian American Realtor® Forum
- Attorney Roundtable
- Budget & Finance Committee
- Commercial Council
- Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisory Group
- Education Advisory Group
- Hispanic Realtors® Forum
- International Business Forum
- Leadership Development & Awards Advisory Group
- New Member Advisory Group
- NVRPAC Campaign Committee
- Products & Services Advisory Group
- Real Estate Finance & Settlements Forum
- Realtor® Builder Forum
- Small Broker Forum
- Technology Advisory Group
- Top Producers Club Forum
- Young Professionals Network

Groups That Meet 5-9 Times Per Year

- NVAR Cares Committee
- Professional Standards Committee
- Public Policy Committee
- Professionalism & Ethics Advisory Group

Groups That Meet 10+ Times Per Year

- Grievance Committee
- Standard Forms Committee

July 1: NVAR Committee Applications Open
August 31: NVAR Committee Applications Close
November: Committee Appointments, as determined by the Board of Directors, are emailed out to all applicants
December 5: In-Person Chair/Vice-Chair Training (date subject to change)
2025, Q1: First Committee Meetings Occur
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