NAR Digital Library

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Visit the NAR digital library for a collection of over 7,000 books and other materials. Some topics included in the digital library are, Diversity, Equity and Inclusion, Healthy Living, to books about commercial real-estate. Also included is a selection of materials for Spanish speakers and for individuals looking to learn Spanish. 

Use the resources of this digital library to enhance your knowledge in order to better be prepared for your client meeting. To borrow a book from the library simply sign in to NAR and select the book you want to borrow. 

The NAR library has:
  • 7,500+ digital books, audiobooks, and videos
  • 6,000+ journals in digital format through EBSCO
  • 12,000+ books, reports, and guides in print format
  • 150+ journals in print format
  • 500,000+ historical documents and images from the National Association of REALTORS® historical archives

NAR members may request to receive articles from any of the 150+ journals, newsletters, and magazines in the Library’s print collection. Contact NAR via this form or call 800-874-6500 to request an article. Please provide as much detail as possible (title, author, source, date, etc.).


Shop Realtor


For Realtors®, each day presents an opportunity to cultivate client relationships. For new Realtors®, what’s that first step? Experienced Realtors® have likely developed successful strategies yet may not be familiar with the latest tools and industry practices that could propel them to greater levels of production. The Shop Realtor® concept offers pre-appointment solutions for every stage of a Realtor’s® career.