Mortgage 101

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Mortgage 101 is a resource provided by that gives information on the basics of mortgages. It goes over what a mortgage is, it gives a review of mortgage rates, it has an in depth look at credit, as well as talking about down payments, comparing the different types of home loans, and a breakdown of the mortgage process. It is a great resource for first time buyers who don't have much knowledge on the mortgage process.

For a first time home buyer, mortgages can be complicated and confusing. By referring a potential client to this resource, they can get an in depth look at what a mortgage is and the processes related to mortgages. By having this knowledge, buyers can make more informed decisions on the type of loan they might need, therefore streamlining the home buying process.  


Shop Realtor®


For Realtors®, each day presents an opportunity to cultivate client relationships. For new Realtors®, what’s that first step? Experienced Realtors® have likely developed successful strategies yet may not be familiar with the latest tools and industry practices that could propel them to greater levels of production. The Shop Realtor® concept offers pre-appointment solutions for every stage of a Realtor’s® career.

Before that first appointment, Shop Realtor® provides tools to help members prepare for a client meeting. Whether it’s a national property database, multiple listing service, marketplace statistics, a network of finance professionals, or presentation resources, Realtors® have access to facts, figures and connections that will make them the trusted local expert.