Sentrilock Cell Coverage



Stay Connected

If you have concerns about how you can get lockbox access in remote areas with no SentriCard and little or no cell coverage, we have solutions.  It's simple, just follow these tips:

For Bluetooth Lockboxes:

A good practice is for all users is to update your SentriKey Real Estate app credentials each day.  Whether you're a Listing Agent, Showing Agent, or an Affiliated User, before you leave home or the office, launch the Sentrikey Real Estate app on your mobile device.  By authenticating, your credentials are good for 24 hours.  So. when interacting with the SentriLock Realtor Bluetooth lockbox, it requires only a Bluetooth connection to open the key door, even if you're out of cell coverage!

For Non-Bluetooth Lockboxes:

If you're going to a showing in a remote area and that listing is not using Bluetooth Lockbox, we have an answer for you, too.  Success is achieved by using the My Schedule function in the SentriKey Real Estate App, either through the Listing Agent creating the appointment directly in our SentriKey Real Estate system, or through leveraging our integrations with other third-party showing services.  When the showing is scheduled, and the SentriKey Real Estate app detects low or no cellular coverage, a Mobile Access Code will be presented in the SentriKey Real Estate app.  No card needed, no Bluetooth needed!