COVID-19 Resources

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COVID-19 Resources

NVAR and its members are a strong community of professionals – collectively working through these unique circumstances to support one another, the industry and our communities.

Online for Business

While NVAR’s office buildings will be closed until further notice, NVAR is open for business online and will be providing daily email updates and blog posts below with helpful Shop Realtor® resources.

As circumstances permit and to ensure the safety of our members, staff and the community at large:

  • We will continue to fill online orders; shipping fees are waived until further notice.
  • NVAR staff will be available to assist with lockbox issues by appointment only at NVAR Fairfax headquarters on Fridays between the hours of 2-4 p.m. Email to set up an appointment.
    • All on-site lockbox business will be conducted on a drive-through basis in the Fairfax headquarters parking garage.The garage will only be open to automobile traffic between the hours of 2-4 p.m. on Fridays. Members will only be permitted to conduct business from their cars.
  • Online orientation classes will be available for any scheduled orientation programs. New members will be contacted with registration information for those classes.


National Association of Realtors: Right Tools, Right Now:

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Putting Members First With the Right Tools, Right Now

In light of the challenges presented by COVID-19, and its impact on the real estate industry, NAR is taking steps to support members through these uncertain times. The Right Tools, Right Now initiative, which was activated once before in 2009, makes new and existing NAR products and services available for FREE or at significant discounts – right now – and is available to REALTORS® and REALTOR® Associations.

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NVAR COVID-19 Addendum 

During the March 19, 2020 Board of Directors meeting, the Board approved the new COVID-19 Addendum (the “Addendum”). Review FAQ below, and read the full blog post here.


  • How can I get the form?

  • Under what circumstances can I use the form?

  • How does the addendum protect the parties?

  • What constitutes an “Unforeseeable Event” in the Addendum?

  • What happens if an Unforeseeable Event occurs? Does the Contract become void?

  • What if we only want to extend certain deadlines?

  • What happens if the parties cannot agree on an extension of the Settlement Date

  • What if the parties initially agree to extend the Settlement Date by five days, but later, agree to extend the Settlement Date by seven days – How many days is Settlement Date postponed?

  • Does the Addendum change any other provisions in the Contract?

  • What happens if a contingency has been removed or satisfied – does the Addendum extend those contingencies?

  • May the parties use the Addendum to extend the Buyer’s right of rescission under the Virginia Property Owners' Association Act or Condominium Act

  • What if the parties can’t agree because Buyer’s rate lock is expiring?

  • Can I just use the VAR COVID-19 Addendum?

  • What if I already have a ratified a contract?

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