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What exactly is a “common interest community manager?

Sep 16, 2016

Contract Issues

Question: What exactly is a “common interest community manager”?

Answer: A CIC manager is defined as a person or business entity that provides management services to an association for a fee or other compensation. Those management services may include the following:
  • Acting for the association in its business, legal, financial or other transactions with association members and nonmembers
  • Executing the resolutions and decisions of an association or enforcing the rights of the association secured by statute, contract, covenant, rule or bylaw
  • Collecting, disbursing or otherwise controlling money or other property belonging to an association
  • Preparing budgets, financial statements, or other financial reports for an association
  • Arranging, conducting or coordinating meetings of an association or the governing body of an association
  • Negotiating contracts or arranging for services or the purchase of property and goods for or on behalf of an association
  • Offering or soliciting to perform any of these services on behalf of an association.
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