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Call Before Showing

Sep 13, 2016


Question: A listing agent has had at least five agents who entered her listing without calling first. The showing instructions in MRIS clearly state that cooperating agents must "Call before showing.” Can the listing agent file a complaint?

This type of behavior is a violation of the Regional Lockbox Rules and Regulations. Article II, Section 3 (Purpose) of these regulations clearly states that SentriCards may only be used “for the purposes of gaining authorized entry into real property.” A cooperating agent must receive authorization before entering a property.

The authorization is often contained in the showing instructions of the MRIS listing. When an agent follows those instructions, he or she receives authorization to access the property. Therefore, if the listing states “call before showing,” then an agent must call the property prior to using the Supra key to gain entry access.

The mere presence of a lockbox is not an invitation to enter a property. Card holders have been sanctioned for entering a property without authorization due to their failure to follow the showing instructions.
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