Transportation, Infrastructure, and Emerging Technologies


Infrastructure improvements have been shown to enhance property values by creating livable communities and business districts. Poorly maintained streets and traffic congestion in an area impose extra costs throughout the local economy. Further constraints on funding for transportation projects of all types, particularly those that contribute to walkable, stable, and vibrant neighborhoods, may negatively affect property values and inhibit development.

NVAR has long considered transportation one of our top priorities and improving our regional transportation network as essential for sustained regional prosperity and continued growth of the real estate market. Support for long-term regional and statewide transportation funding has also been a long-standing priority of NVAR and REALTOR® Associations throughout the region.

As REALTORS®, we talk to people moving to and within Northern Virginia every day. One of their primary concerns is congestion and travel time throughout the region. People want to be able to get to work, to shopping, or to their children's activities without sitting in gridlock. They do not care about local and state boundaries; they desire a highly functional regional transportation network.

Infrastructure is not limited to transportation. Updating and modernizing energy, water, waste, stormwater and communications systems are also keys to unlocking our regional growth and prosperity. This effort also provides an opportunity to ensure the benefits and jobs from infrastructure investments are shared and continue to enhance property values and increase community resilience.

  • Local, State and Regional Advocacy Priorities


"Healthy, vibrant communities and our region’s economic future depend on transportation. The DMV region has some of the worst traffic in the nation and Metro is facing a huge funding shortfall that threatens the future of the system. NVAR is dedicated to supporting multi-modal transportation solutions for everyone. Access from home to jobs, child care, schools, recreation and everything in life is the most important factor when many home buyers consider where they live and work."

Peter Bixby, NVAR Board of Directors and Public Policy Committee