YPN Casino Royale [NVAR Fairfax]

March 23, 2023

8407 Pennell St
Fairfax, Virginia

Office: Fairfax

Type of Event: Event

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Network with the Young Professionals of NVAR at

YPN Casino Royale

Go ALL IN and Grow Your Network in a Casino Environment.

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It'll be a FULL HOUSE. NVAR Headquarters, Fairfax.  Thursday, March 23. Feel a FLUSH of magic as you walk in, and get a STRAIGHT path to the start of an exciting evening!

The first floor will be transformed into a casino paradise for the High-Roller to the Everyday-Baller, YPN Casino Royale will be fun for everyone.

This is a non-gambling event. No cash or check may be used or displayed at any gaming table or device. Chips won at any of the games or tables hold no cash value and may not be redeemed or exchanged for money or any item representing value.

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~ ~ Event Doors open at 4:00pm ~ ~
~ Tables Open at 4:30pm ~
~ Last Call 6:15pm ~
~ Tables Close at 6:30pm ~
~ Prizes for Top Five Chip Holders at 6:45pm ~
~ ~ Event will conclude at 7:00pm ~ ~

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Casino Attire Encouraged!  

There Will Be

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Network Where You Play

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~Black Jack   
~Texas Hold'em    
~Professional Dealers   
Great Prizes   

Network Where You Eat

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~Catered H'orderves

~Snack Foods

Network Where You Drink

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    ~White Wine  
    ~Shirley Temples   


    You can CALL, but don’t FOLD. RAISE your expectations and register NOW for
    YPN Casino Royale!

    Cost of Admission(Member/nonmember): $15/$25 

    Hosted By:

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    The NVAR Young Professionals Network.

    The mission of NVAR's YPN is to empower young professionals in the real estate industry through networking, education and community outreach.


    Thank you to our 2022 Strategic Partners


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