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Super is home warranty reinvented - Silicon Valley style. The home warranty industry has seen little innovation in years, but Super's technology-driven service helps homeowners care for their home, in addition to fixing things when they break. Our business model is driven by your client's happiness, which is why our customer satisfaction scores are significantly higher than yesterday's home warranty companies. While the traditional companies focus only on fixing what's broken, our Concierge service keeps your client's home in tip-top shape by performing routine maintenance tasks like rain gutter cleaning and HVAC tuning.
But, at the end of the day, why should you recommend us instead of other home warranties? 

It's about the referrals. When you recommend yesterday's home warranties, your clients get frustrated and might blame the messenger, i.e. you. More often than not, your clients go silent and you don't even realize what's happened, maybe even losing a referral opportunity. On the other hand, you could recommend a Super home warranty. We'll take care of your clients by coordinating all aspects of their home care services (especially important considering roughly two-thirds of them will make a claim). You save time and hassle, and your clients are happier. Win-win.

We get it — changing from the status quo is hard, but with your reputation on the line, can you really afford not to?


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SUPER at NVAR 2019 Convention