Concierge Mortgage Finance, LLC



Every company believes they are different. Most businesses say we are better then the rest... they say ", buy here...not the shop next door."  In reality, most businesses and mortgage companies are all "carbon" copies of each other. The rates may be a little different, the service levels may vary "somewhat" and the people may have different faces, but they all blend together...

Welcome to Concierge Mortgage Finance, LLC.

Concierge Mortgage Finance, LLC was founded by loan originators...for loan originators. 

Our founders, David Rifkin and Brad Gibbons have, after decades in the mortgage business taken the methods that make sense, tossed those that didn't, and created something "unique", while putting together a team of talented and experienced people, who will cater to your needs.

Whether you are a home buyer looking for a great mortgage, a real estate professional seeking a financing partner or a loan originator looking for a company that cares...we want to show you what "unique" really means.

Realtor® Benefits

A mortgage is a loan that is used to finance the purchase of a home. Lenders offer a wide range of loan products, and by working with Mortgage and Loan partners, Realtors® can help guide clients through the process to find the product that is best for their clients' needs. 


Shop Realtor®


For Realtors®, each day presents an opportunity to cultivate client relationships. For new Realtors®, what’s that first step? Experienced Realtors® have likely developed successful strategies yet may not be familiar with the latest tools and industry practices that could propel them to greater levels of production. The Shop Realtor® concept offers pre-appointment solutions for every stage of a Realtor’s® career.

Before that first appointment, Shop Realtor® provides tools to help members prepare for a client meeting. Whether it’s a national property database, multiple listing service, marketplace statistics, a network of finance professionals, or presentation resources, Realtors® have access to facts, figures and connections that will make them the trusted local expert.