Code of Ethics


NAR's Code of Ethics, adopted in 1913, was one of the first codifications of ethical duties adopted by any business group. The Code ensures that consumers are served by requiring Realtor® to cooperate with each other in furthering clients' best interests. NAR's Code of Ethics is what sets apart real estate agents and Realtors®.

You can download copies of our Code of Ethics here.


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Realtor® Professionalism 
Industry professionalism is key to ensuring that Realtors® remain at the center of the real estate transaction. As technological advances and changing business structures alter the traditional real estate landscape, the association is a professional ally. NVAR, Virginia Realtors® and the National Association of Realtors® collaborate to offer Code of Ethics education and enforcement, effective political advocacy, and a robust consumer advertising campaign. Digital, print and email communications deliver industry and association news to advance knowledge, and the profession.