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Landing pages banners (16) is viewed by millions of consumers each month looking for a home or a Realtor to help them in the process.

Your agent profile is one of the most powerful tools available to promote your business and yourself as a real estate professional. It is also a key step in boosting the SEO (search engine optimization) of your business. It solidifies the connection online between your name, your business and the term “Realtor”.

Your profile is a member benefit, meaning there is no cost to claim your profile now! 

To get started visit

1. At the log in screen click “Sign up”

Here, you will enter your email address, a password and phone number.

2. On the next screen you need to verify your MLS information. You will need your MLS Agent ID to do so. This is sometimes referred to as the public agent id, agent number or member number. (Not your NRDS)

You can also verify MLS by using an active listing number. Choose this option at the top. Then add the MLS id of an existing listing as well as the zip code of the listing.

3. Once you have completed the MLS verification step you will be sent an email confirmation. Open this email and follow instructions to finish the verification process.

Congrats! You have claimed your Agent profile. But that’s just step 1!

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Starting a business is the first step but getting potential clients to find them requires much more. Using membership resources and the Realtor® brand, members can develop market-penetrating techniques, positioning materials and an effective online presence. Their agent profile, Realtor® logo products, volume-based sales awards and access to exclusive Realtor® content resources will help to make their name known and grow their contact base.