Power Paddle Rental


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How to check out a power paddle:

1. Visit the NVAR Fairfax Headquarters or the NVAR Herndon Center
2. Tell staff in the Realtor® Store that you need a power paddle
3. Fill out the rental form
4. Bring the power paddle back within 24 hours

How to use the power paddle?

1. Insert the power paddle into the lockbox card slot and keep it inserted
2. Slide the power switch on the power paddle to the on position. The green power light will illuminate.
3. Once the power paddle is on, the red status A light will illuminate for approximately one minute. This is when the power paddle is charging the lockbox.
4. When the power paddle finishes charging the lockbox, the yellow Status B light will illuminate.
5. Once the yellow Status B light has illuminated, insert your SentriCard® into the card slot on the left side of the power paddle OR use your SentriKey Real Estate app to open the box.

Power Paddle


A power paddle is a device that gets put inside the key card compartment of your SentriLock Lockbox that helps charge it so you can open it and change the batteries.