Remine Docs+ FAQ

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Remine Docs+ FAQ

  • Why is NVAR transitioning to Docs+?

  • Why did the NVAR Board choose Docs+?

  • How is Docs+ different than Remine Pro, which I already get through my Bright MLS subscription?

  • Will NVAR provide training on how to use Docs+?

  • How can I get access to Docs+?

  • Can I experiment with Docs+ while still using Instanet for my transactions before the final transition takes place?

  • If I'm a current subscriber to Instanet, should I save my files?

  • What happens if I begin a transaction in Instanet in December and the complete transition to Docs+ occurs before my transaction is completed?

  • How do my clients or non-NVAR real estate agents participate in a transaction in Docs+?

  • As an NVAR member, do I have to use Docs+?

  • What other vendors are NVAR forms available through?

  • Who can I contact if I have questions or require customer support?

  • Is our client's confidential information secure?

  • I am also a member of another local Realtor® association. Can I access all my forms on Docs+?

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