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The Digital Experience Center (DXC) is a space in NVAR's Fairfax office that is designed with content in mind.

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About the DXC!
The Digital Experience Center (DXC) is a space for NVAR members to use to: create content to promote their business, learn about new real estate technology, host webinars, and more! When booking the space below, know that your time is always accompanied with an NVAR Staff member to manage the equipment you'll be using so you don't have to be an expert! Please provide as much detail as you can on what content you plan to create in the DXC so that our staff can best assist you.

If recording video or audio, staff will send you a hyperlink to download the raw file once completed (please allow at least 72 hours for staff send you your file). Please note that staff does not offer editorial services. 

DXC Equipment Includes...

- Multiple microphones for recording audio
- Two high quality cameras for capturing video
- Ring lights, teleprompter
- A high power computer
- Streaming software
- Audio recording software

NVAR Staff is Here to Help YOU create the content you need!

- Live streams on Facebook or other platforms
- Video content for YouTube
- Podcasts 
- Photographs

Reserve your spot today!

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Questions? Contact DXC Staff at