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Included in Your NVAR Membership!

Your NVAR membership now includes a complimentary subscription to This valuable benefit provides Realtors® with access to objective, relevant, and industry-trusted news, enhancing their knowledge and keeping them informed about the latest developments. The subscription, which would typically cost $216 annually, helps you stay abreast of crucial information in the real estate industry. Stay informed and make the most out of your NVAR membership by claiming your complimentary subscription!

Signing up for Real Estate News is as simple as two easy steps!

Step 1: Click here and register your account information, including First Name, Last Name, Email and Password. Proceed to step two by clicking "Create Account."

Step 2: Confirm your account creation by clicking "Activate Subscription."

Benefits of Your Complimentary Subscription

  • Objective Insights: Access objective and unbiased insights into the real estate industry through, keeping you well-informed on market trends and developments.

  • Relevance to Your Business: Stay connected with news that directly impacts your real estate business, ensuring you are up to date with the latest information crucial for decision-making.

  • Industry-Trusted Content: Benefit from a subscription to a trusted source within the real estate sector, providing you with reliable and credible information to enhance your professional knowledge.

  • Cost Savings: Enjoy the financial advantage of a complimentary subscription, saving $151 annually that you would otherwise spend to stay informed on industry news.

  • Stay Ahead of Trends: Be proactive in identifying and adapting to industry trends by having access to timely news, giving you a competitive edge.

  • Professional Development: Use the subscription as a tool for continuous professional development, ensuring you are well-equipped with the latest knowledge and insights to excel in your real estate career.


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