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Troubleshooting Information for the SentriGuard Lockbox


Attention! If you have experienced issues with the new SentriGuard lockbox, please read the following instructions to troubleshoot with your lockbox.


  • Ensure the shackle is fully latched. If you are experiencing problems with a lockbox or are being told to “recalibrate” a lockbox, make sure the shackle is properly latched. If properly latched, the shackle should have a little bounce/spring to it.


  • Make sure you are using up-to-date firmware. To check firmware, open your SentriKey Real Estate app, click the menu in the top left corner, click “My Lockboxes”, and select “Update Firmware”. You need to be near your lockbox to do this.


  • Close the key compartment all the way. When closing the key compartment, press the key bin all the way into the Lockbox. You should hear a click, a quick motor zip and a beep to confirm the key bin is fully latched. Use the pull tab at the bottom of the Lockbox to give it a tug and ensure the key bin is secure. If properly secured, the key compartment should have a slight wiggle to it.


For additional support, call Sentrilock Customer Support at (513) 618-5800



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