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Docs+ Release Notes, May 18


Remine Docs+ May 18 Release Notes

Unrepresented Party
We've added a second set of radios in the People Panel, which allow an agent to select the client who they are supporting for the transaction, distinct from who they're directly working with as a client:

As long as the agent has selected the appropriate unrepresented party, they're able to share documents directly across party lines:

The above applies to in-person signings as well. The agent will be able to sign on the spot with either client.

All of the signature fields which would normally be required of the other agent will remain blank:

The toggles in the People Panel have logic which prevents agents from creating impossible scenarios. For example, if they are working with the seller, but also try to select the seller as the party they're supporting, they're met with a brief error message, and the toggle reverts:

Furthermore, once an agent's name is entered into the previously-empty Buying/Listing agent field, the toggles automatically adjust:

Similarly, if the agent selects the option to work with both clients, the support toggle reverts and is disabled:

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