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Celebrating Years of Success: Steve Deleyiannis

by. Grace Mathias
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Meet Steve: Steve Deleyiannis has been an NVAR Top Producer for 45 years. After starting in Real Estate in 1974, Steve has seen tremendous success. Steve’s family was in the restaurant business, so he modeled his sales techniques on that experience when he entered real estate. Steve knew if you have a great product, people will come back for more. He meticulously thought about his clients and established a referral-based model. He never wanted to be a secret agent! By maintaining a hands-on approach, he has created trust with his clients. He said, “When you get up in the morning, and you like your clients and what you’re doing, it doesn’t feel like work, and it makes a big difference,” which is the key to a long career. 

Steve has seen the industry change dramatically throughout his career. He said the number one way the industry has changed has been with technology. “Technology has really revolutionized the way we do business,” he said. When an agent went to find houses, there wasn’t a database. Agents received a square card with the listings on them that were delivered to the office. Lockboxes used to have a little key used to open them- and every Realtor® has the same key. The switch to Bluetooth Lockboxes was huge. Previously when offers were being presented, there would be multiple agents waiting in the living room of the listing agent ready to give their offer. Now offers are submitted electronically.

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Steve loves being involved with experienced Realtors® because they know what they are doing and always ask the right questions. He values the Top Producer’s club for the opportunity to get to know agents personally and have opportunities to network together. 

In 2022, The Top Producer's Club will have quarterly networking events. Top Producer's can find more information about them on the TPC Facebook page!

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