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SentriLock Update 4/1/22


FAQs and How To's for Transitioning to the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App (1)

By Thomas Finney 

On March 22, SentriLock sunsetted certain capabilities of the SentriCard®. SentriCards® can still be used to take ownership of lockboxes, change your lockbox settings, and operate your own lockboxes. However, Realtors® cannot access other agents’ boxes with their own SentriCard®.  

The original date for sunsetting the SentriCard was January 1, 2022, but it was extended by SentriLock to March 22.  

Why is the SentriCard® being sunsetted?  

The card technology was developed 20 years ago, and the hardware needed to support SentriCards® is no longer supported by the manufacturer.  

In addition , advancements in technology have made the card obsolete, as Realtors® have a wider variety of home access features that cannot be accessed simply through a key card. Across real estate and many other industries, Bluetooth® technology and connectivity is the new standard for mobile business needs.  

What do I have to do as an agent to avoid interruption? 

You will need to download and use the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app to continue using the SentriLock system to show properties. While the card will work on your own boxes at this time, the app will allow you to access other agents’ boxes and keep up with the industry standard. 
Having trouble downloading or using the app? NVAR Staff can assist you and walk you through the steps to open your key compartment, assign to a listing, release your shackle and more.  
In addition, there is a vast library of video tutorials and content available through SentriLock here
Click here to download the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App for iPhone.  
Click here to download the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App for Android. 

Are my old lockboxes obsolete? 

No, your existing lockboxes will continue to work. SentriLock’s SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app is compatible with all sentrilock lockboxes. To take full advantage of the features and functionality available through the app, we recommend using a Bluetooth®-enabled lockbox, but the app solution will work with all existing SentriLock previous-generation lockboxes. 

What type of box should I own? 

SentriLock recommends a Bluetooth®-enabled lockbox for the best possible experience. The SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app supports non-Bluetooth® lockboxes, with special measures available to ensure usability in areas with poor cellphone or Wi-Fi coverage. 

How do I open the key compartment on a non-Bluetooth® lockbox? 

  • Open the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app.

  • Tap the View Nearby Properties button at the bottom of the page. The property list will be displayed. 

  • Tap the desired listing and authorize it with your PIN or Touch/Face ID. Tap OK. 

  • If a listing doesn’t show up, enter the lockbox serial number in the Search field. 

  • The SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app will present you with a code to key into the lockbox. 


How do I release the shackle on a non-Bluetooth® lockbox? 

  • Open the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app. 

  • Tap on the three lines in the upper left-hand corner. 

  • Navigate to My Lockboxes and tap Release Shackle. 

  • Select Get Shackle Release Code at the bottom of the page. 

  • Select the listing or lockbox serial number and specify the date. 

  • The SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app will present you with the shackle code to key into the lockbox. 

Can I access the lockbox with the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app when I am outside of cell coverage? 

Yes. Cellular service is not required to open a Bluetooth®-enabled lockbox. SentriLock therefore recommends the use of a Bluetooth®-enabled lockbox in an area with limited to no cell coverage. 

Watch this video: How to Access a Bluetooth® Lockbox Without Data or Wi-FI 

Non-Bluetooth® lockboxes can be accessed through app-generated codes entered via the lockbox keypad. This requires more advanced planning, if you are going to an area with limited or no cellphone coverage. 

You can open the box without cellphone coverage through an app-generated code entered via the lockbox keyboard. Click here for a product brief that explains this process or watch the video below. 

Watch this video: How to Acess a Non-Bluetooth® Lockbox Without Data or Wi-Fi 

How can I get help using the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app? 

In addition to coming to the Realtor Store at NVAR Fairfax HQ, there are several other ways to get assistance or learn more when using the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app. 

And, if you need immediate help or have questions, you can always call the Lockbox Customer Support Team at 1-513-618-5800 or email from 8 a.m. to midnight, 7 days a week. Or, visit the Lockbox Support Page at your convenience. 

What is the status of the NVAR Lockbox Incentive Program? 

The NVAR Lockbox Incentive program is on pause. The incentive was tremendously successful when first launched in June 2021. Many members responded by purchasing new Bluetooth lockboxes at a discount with the trade-in of their old lockboxes. We intend to resume that incentive at the earliest opportunity once we're informed by SentriLock that their supply chain issues have been resolved. 

In Summary 

With this transition, the SentriKey Real Estate App will be the sole means of access for lockboxes. Blue boxes will still be functional in this app-only environment, even in areas with little or no cell signal. In these situations, you can generate the one-day code for the lockbox before you enter an area with no cell signal.  

Your cell phone will need to meet certain minimum specifications to use the SentriKey Real Estate App, specifically, the operating system your phone is running. The SentriKey App requires iOS version 13, released in September 2019, or if your phone is an Android, version 10, also released in September 2019. If your phone runs an operating system older than these, the app will not function properly. The details of which operating system your phone is running can be found in your phone’s settings , under the general category. 

For more information directly from SentriLock, please click here.

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