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Bright MLS: Financial Tools


by Chris Barranco

Included in NVAR members Bright MLS accounts are tools and resources to help facilitate client presentation iconRealtor® business. This blog will examine several of the Financial Tools available within Bright MLS, including resources that assist in calculating mortgage payments, settlement costs and more. 

The Seller Net Sheet

Screenshot (267)

"Accessible both from a listing in Bright's Search and underneath the Financial menu, the Seller Net Sheet helps you easily calculate the estimated earnings your client can receive on the final sale of their home."

Buyer Closing Costs Tool

Screenshot (266)

With the Buyer Closing Costs tool, you can provide potential buyers with an estimate on the fees, settlement costs and mortgage payments needed to purchase a property. The Buyer Closing Costs tool is easily accessible from both Bright's Financial menu and from any listing in Bright Search."

Bright MLS Amortization Schedule

Screenshot (265)

"With Bright's built-in Amortization Schedule, you can help buyers determine the appropriate loan amount and mortgage payment needed to purchase a home."

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