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How to Access SentriLock Lockboxes with No Cell Coverage



How to Access SentriLock Lockboxes with No Cell Coverage

The Northern Virginia Association of Realtors® (NVAR) is your partner for information regarding seamless and secure access to your SentriLock lockbox. NVAR’s mission is to help members learn more about the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App.

NVAR recognizes how important it is that Realtors® feel confident and prepared using the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App, even in areas with little to no cell phone  coverage. The information below will detail this process, for both the Bluetooth (Gray) lockbox and non-Bluetooth (Navy Blue) lockboxes. 

For Bluetooth Lockboxes (Gray Lockboxes) 

All users should refresh their SentriKey® Real Estate app credentials each day. You can think of this as the same process as plugging your physical card into the card reader each day. Whether you are a Listing Agent, Showing Agent, or an Affiliated User, before you leave home or the office, launch the Sentrikey® Real Estate app on your mobile device.  After authenticating, your credentials are good for 24 hours. After doing so, when interacting with the SentriLock Realtor® Bluetooth lockbox, it requires only your Bluetooth connection to open the key door, even if you're out of cell coverage.

For non-Bluetooth Lockboxes (Navy Blue Lockboxes)

If you're going to a showing in a remote area and that listing is not using a Bluetooth Lockbox, we have an answer for you, too. The My Schedule function in the SentriKey® Real Estate App is your solution, and this can be facilitated through the Listing Agent, creating the appointment directly in the SentriKey® Real Estate system. Once the showing is scheduled, and the SentriKey® Real Estate app detects low or no cellular coverage, a Mobile Access Code will be presented in the SentriKey® Real Estate app. You will then enter this code in your lockbox. No card needed, no reception needed, no Bluetooth needed.

NVAR is your partner for all your on-the-market needs. For more information regarding SentriLock and a list of frequently asked questions (FAQ), you can click here.

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