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SentriLock Announcement

*Updated: 04/30/21

SentriLock will no longer support the use of a smart card as a means to access lockboxes for showings beginning in 2022. This means that: 

  • All lockbox access for your showings will happen via the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App. 

  • All new credentials will be issued for the SentriKey® Real Estate app only and not the SentriCard®. 

  • SentriLock will no longer sell SentriCards®, as this transition will be entirely digital.      

We know how important a seamless on-the-market experience is for you and your clients, That’s why we offer the latest in lockbox technology with the Bluetooth-enabled boxes. Download the app and upgrade to the new box today! 

Click here to download the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App for iPhone. 
Click here to download the SentriKey® Real Estate Mobile App for Android.

Copy of SentriKey App VS SentriCard (1)

What should you do now? 

If you are a SentriCard® user, transition to the SentriKey® Real Estate mobile app. Over three-quarters of SentriLock lockboxes accessed in 2019 were through the app. In today’s fast-paced market, clients expect a seamless experience, even in an area without Wi-Fi service! Using the SentriKey® app paired with a Bluetooth-enabled lockbox avoids those awkward front-door moments when showing homes to clients.

The app enhances the user experience and offers dozens of features, including:  

  • No need for card renewals – ever! 

  • Real-time notifications when someone enters and leaves a property. 

  • The ability to use Touch ID and Facial Recognition for a more streamlined process. 

  • Access to property details through SentriLock’s listing partners. 

  • Additional features, such as: Agent Safety, report lost keys, list agent-information and more. 

For information from SentriLock, click here.
To learn more about SentriLock and LockBox services, click here.

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