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Cybersecurity, Scams and Harassment: Steps for Realtors® to Take


NVAR has received reports of Realtors® receiving anonymous threatening text messages. If you receive such a message or believe you are a victim of cybercrime, please contact the FBI and local law enforcement. NAR also offers a Realtor® Safety Network for notifying members across the country of safety concerns and emergencies. As always, to notify law enforcement of an immediate emergency situation, contact 9-1-1. 

Please also continue to be on the alert for scammers attempting to defraud using fake emails. NVAR has been informed of a recent example in which a member was directed to pay a SentriLock invoice using a different method than is customary. Be sure to examine the email address of the sender and only make payments using a secure, trusted login. Contact SentriLock directly if you have any concerns before making any payments or changes to your account after receiving an email request. 

To report an incident through the Realtor® Safety Network, click here.  

For FBI resources, including contact information, click here. FBI Cyber crime reports can be filed here.

To report a computer crime to the Virginia Attorney General’s office, click here

Fairfax County residents can access information and report telephone harassment or threats through the Community Reporting System

Additional security resources: 

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