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SentriLock Announcement

SentriLock will no longer support the use of a smart card as a means to access lockboxes for showings on January 1, 2022. This means that:

  • All lockbox accesses for showings will happen via the SentriKey® Real Estate app.
  • All new credentials will be issued for the SentriKey Real Estate app only and not the SentriCard.
  • They will no longer sell SentriCards, with the exception of replacement cards for our non-Bluetooth® Realtor® Lockbox owners.

  • The only use of the SentriCard will be for owners of a non-Bluetooth® REALTOR® Lockbox to enable them to take ownership of a lockbox, as well as assign a lockbox to a property – with limited settings available.

Keep in mind that, despite the retirement of the SentriCard, all previous generations of SentriLock’s lockboxes can continue to be accessed, including those without Bluetooth® connectivity, by using the SentriKey Real Estate app. Non Bluetooth® lockboxes can be accessed through app-generated codes entered via the lockbox keypad.

What should you do now?

If you are a SentriCard user, you should start to transition to the SentriKey Real Estate mobile app. Over three-quarters of SentriLock lockbox accesses in 2019 were through the app. The app enhances the user experience and offers dozens of features, including:

  • No need for card renewals – ever!

  • Immediate notifications when someone enters and leaves a property.

  • The ability to use Touch ID and Facial Recognition to streamline the access process.

  • Property details through SentriLock’s listing detail partners.

  • More features with the app – Agent Safety, report key missing, and listing agent information.
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