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How to Run a Bright MLS Agent Production Report

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Applying to the NVAR Top Producer's Club? You will need to generate a production report for the year you are applying. 

How to Print an Agent Production Report from Bright MLS:

  1. Click Market
  2. Under Market click Agent and Office Production.
  3. Select Agent Awards Report.
  4. Enter a Start Date and an End Date in the fields or use the Calendar lookup Matrix calendar icon. For a 2021 agent production report, you would put 1/1/21 to 12/31/21. 
  5. Begin typing in the subscribe ID of the agent that you want to view the report.
  6. Click Generate Report.

Please Note: Volume totals for the NVAR Top Producer’s Club are an accumulation of properties settled during the award year from January 1 to December 31.  

The production report from Bright MLS includes properties only listed in the MLS. Annual rental volume and units, land sales, commercial transactions and out-of-state transactions can be included in your total. You must manually add these numbers to the value of your production report. 

If you have any issues generating your production report, please contact Bright MLS Customer Support directly at 1-844-55-BRIGHT. 

For questions about the NVAR Top Producer’s Club, please contact Gabby Lavoie or Malennie Ly at or

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