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Top 5 Uses for Canva in Real Estate

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By John Showalter

canva logo

In real estate your brand and image are crucially important to how you present yourself both online and in person. Agents have traditionally paid to have a graphic designer create their logo and branded content for their business. Canva, which is a free online graphic design website, enables anyone who wants to create high quality social media graphics, just listed fliers, logos, etc. to design and download graphics on their own. Below are five great ways that Canva can help you create designs for your business. Take a look at this video for an overview of Canva and an in-depth look at the templates below.


1. Social Media Graphics
  • Facebook
  • Instagram

2. Online/Print Fliers

  • Broker's Opens
  • Just Listed
  • Sold

3. Logo

  • Individual Agent
  • Team
  • Group
4. Testimonials
  • Website
  • Social Media
  • Print

5. Listing Presentation

  • Individual Agent
  • Team
  • Group

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