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Docs+ Release Notes July 1


Confirmed to Release:

Remove step in convert to PDF Process: Streamline converting to PDF within the document view by reducing the friction between clicking the button and actually converting. We are reducing the steps from 3 to 2.

 Allow agents to have multiple roles in a transaction: Agents will now be able to be more than one party within a transaction. This solves any issues with agents representing themselves.

Calculations in forms: Forms with fields that should calculate with basic mathematic functions, will now do so automatically.  

Midyear form update: There may be an opportunity to improve some of the auto-population in the forms to coincide with the midyear update.

Stretch Goals:

Add Parties to Transaction View: We are enhancing our transaction folder to include clear attributes to the transaction so agents can easily update/ change them as necessary. These changes will populate throughout documents in the folder which have not been signed.

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