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Docs+ Release Notes - April 1, 2021


Increased character limits and improved formatting on Signatures

Smart Form signature tags could accommodate longer personal signatures, but couldn’t handle some of the much longer signatures where a user signed on behalf of a business entity (for example). We’ve made improvements to the tag so that this displays properly for future signees. The new function will wrap on two lines instead of just one, thereby materially increasing the limit of characters that can be fit.

UI for Brokerage Admins to download documents from agent in their offices (or after moving offices)

Previously, our internal support team would retrieve an agent’s files after the agent had left the office and send those documents to the Broker. Now, we’ve built a UI for admins to download these files and distribute them accordingly; this new feature saves them a lot of time and effort, and represents another big step towards building out more robust back-office features in Docs+.

There’s more to unpack about this feature, which is why we’ll have in-app tutorials for using it, as well as dedicated Help Center documentation.

Access to MAR, GCAAR, and VAR Smart Forms for applicable Bright users

We’re pleased to now host the full MAR, GCAAR, and VAR form libraries directly in Docs+. These were built with the same Smart Form capabilities as NVAR forms, so users from these other associations will have a seamless experience building and managing their transactions within Docs+. Currently qualified agents will simply see the relevant form folders as per their membership, via the NAR API.

Agent Self-Serve Access to Docs+

Agents in MAR/VAR/GCAAR, who would like to use Docs+ can now upgrade themselves. Once accessing regular Docs (via their current Bright access) user will be able to upgrade their platform to Docs+. Once done, they can input their NRDS number to then gain access to their applicable form libraries based on the membership.  This is accessible via the Settings page.

Clicking upgrade to Docs+ will take them to this signup page; please note the price will be set to $26/Month.

Street direction Prefixes/Suffixes added to location fields in Smart Forms

Directional prefixes (ex. SW, N, etc.) for addresses would populate on the New Transaction modal and within the transaction name, but this wasn’t supported directly on forms themselves. We’ve made improvements to how we handle this data so property addresses will include these directional fields.


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